What is a Pre-Made Website Layout?

We build your websites based on predesigned websites. All pre-made websites are crafted beautifully and fit for most major contents. Pick from one of our pre-made website layout. Replace it with your contents and images. Edgy-looking website is just a few clicks away.

Can I change the website layout?

Yes, you can change the content like layout color, text and images. Just email us the text and images and we will do it for you. The number of revisions will depend on your package.

Can I change the website layout myself?

No. We will help you to make all the changes so you can focus on your business and the website is well taken care by us. Hassle free. Number of changes depend on how many revision left in your subscription.

What does monthly revision do?

Monthly revision is additional service where we will help you to perform 12 revisions  within 12 months. These revisions including minor layout change and update on content and images. The cost is RM300 per year and it is free in Professional Package for both One Page Website and Multi Pages Website.

What is basic SEO setup?

We will help our clients to setup a basic SEO settings in their website for higher Google search ranking.

What is copywriting service?

We engaged with 50+ professional copywriter from different industries. If you do not have any content for your website, our copywriter can help you to craft a website content at RM500 only (way below market rate). Simply provide us your company key information and the copywriter will do the rest for you.

How does the website look in mobile and tablet?

We will fine tuned all websites to be mobile and tablet responsive. This will ensure a great user experience whenever someone visit your website.

How do I sign up?

1. Pick your favourite website design from our pre-made website store.
2. Download and fill up the website form in Microsoft Word.
3. Email us the website form to support@babawebs.com and a quotation will send to you.
4. Make the full payment and email us the bank receipt.
5. Your website will ready in five (5) working days.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. However, no refund will be issued. Contact us at support@babawebs.com and we will assist you.

Can Babawebs assist me on website selection?

If you can’t make up your mind, we will recommend you the most suitable website design. Just contact us at support@babawebs.com or your can leave a message at our contact box.

Does it include a domain?

Yes, it does. Every package includes a domain. Registering .com .org or .net is free. We are offering service in registering .my domain with a fee.

I have my domain, can I subscribe to your service?

Yes, you can. You can either point your domain to our nameservers or transfer the domain to us. No fee will be charged from us for the transfer.

Do I need a web host?

No. Your website will be hosted on our server.

Do I need to pay set-up fee?

Yes. The setup fee is an one-off payment that is already included in the first year subscription fee.

More question?

We are happy to help you in getting a beautiful website. Just talk to us at support@babawebs.com or leave a message at contact box below.

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